Vienna – The City of Music

One of the palaces in Vienna

Vienna, the city of music contains Imperial palaces and baroque streetscapes that cover Austria’s largest city. Countless museums, musical masterpieces, and artistic works of geniuses are splashed throughout the city. The energetic gastronomic scene along with the coffee-house culture add to the diversity of this vivacious city. Vienna is a city that charms from the first moment you arrive. The longer your stay, the more the never-ending opportunities of things to see and do seduces you.


The Imperial Architecture

One of the palaces in Vienna

The cultural, political, and economic center has a population of more than 1.7 million people. The Habsburg monarchy has left a grandeur legacy throughout the city. The former home of the Habsburg courts and numerous empires is listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The Burgkapelle, or Imperial Chapel, is home to the Vienna Boys’ Choir. They sing during every Sunday Mass. Lipizzaner stallions perform sophisticated equestrian ballet, with the famed Spanish Riding School, within the Imperial Palace’s Baroque ambiance. Countless museums are also architectural masterpieces.

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The three largest palaces in Vienna are Schönbrunn Palace, Habsburgs’ 1441-room summer residence, and the baroque Schloss Belvedere.


The Masterpiece-Filled Museums

Inside a museum

The Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna is one of Habsburgs’ most stunning Ringstrasse places. It is home to the imperial art collection with priceless pieces by Old Masters and includes one of the wealthiest coin collections in the world. Once the imperial stables, it is now the impressive MuseumsQuarter. With a diverse array of museums, you can spend days in this area alone.

The Leopold Museum displays 19th and 20th-century Austrian art. MUMOK is known for its contemporary avant-garde, and often shocking pieces. Museum für Angewandte Kunst is where you will find items from the applied arts and exquisite furnishings. Prehistoric pieces, fossils, and meteorites fill the Naturhistorisches Museum.


The City Music

Vienna Theater
Vienna Theater

Vienna is known as the city of music. Its legacy relates to composers Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, Johann Strauss (father and son), Johannes Brahms, Josef Haydn, Ludwig van Beethoven, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, along with countless others. You can watch numerous performances at a myriad of venues throughout the city. The renowned Musikverein is home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. Nightly performances are on at the Staatsoper, Vienna State Opera House. Wiener Konzerthaus, known as Mozart Hall (Mozart-Saal), emphasizes both innovative and traditional musical styles. Listen to the Vienna Boys’ Choir at MuTh. The Haus der Musik museum contains interactive exhibits with music.


Drinking & Dining Experiences

Inside a museum
Inside a museum

A trip to Vienna is not complete without various drinking and dining experiences. Chefs are creative and innovative with combinations of new flavors and fresh local produce. Goulash, Tafelspitz (superior boiled beef), and Wiener Schnitzel are served in the Beisln (a pub-like establishment). Magnificent cakes and delicious coffee can are available in opulent coffee houses. Discover numerous Vinothek cellars, or wine bars, and sample some of Austria’s local wines. Alternately, you can escape the city center and enjoy a Heurigen, wine tavern, in the vineyards surrounding the city. Numerous elegant restaurants are also scattered throughout the city. The Naschmarkt is full of international and local delicacies if you want to pick something up to enjoy later in the day.


The City of Dreams

 Inside a cathedral

Vienna is called “The City of Dreams,” and it is regarded as the City of Music due to its musical legacy. It is both, musically and culturally, one of the wealthiest cities in the world. From an undeniably historic city with world-renowned composers to its trendy shops, galleries, cafés, and markets, it a city everyone should visit.

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