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If you kindly ask a person to match a specific drink that would best describe the city of Prague, it would be beer, without any doubt. The beer lovers certainly found their spot under the sun, but one would be surprised how amazing and detailed the offers to a wine lover can get in “the city of thousand spires”,  Imagine drinking top-quality wine next to the River Vltava and listening to sounds of an equally named composition by Berdych Smetana. A cool breeze playing with your hair and your loved one next to you in this unknown wine region. This fantasy can easily become a reality in the Czech Republic! Well, you will need a little bit of help from us since the Prague vineyards have gradually become out-of-the-way corners that are hidden from all the noise in the city. Which offers the romantic atmosphere you are looking for.

several people trying red wine at a wine tasting in prague

Led by the famous Dutch proverb that says “Good wine praises itself”, we decided to take the demanding task of discovering obscure places that offer wines of great quality. To be honest, finding a good wine isn’t always an easy mission so we decided to narrow the search down for you, in case you are fond of a good wine droplet mixed with picturesque vineyards or classy wineries.

Our sacred grail of the best wineries in the city of Prague is our gift to all the romantic souls that will go through this beautiful city. A smart man once said: “Wine rejoices the heart of man and joy is the mother of all virtues”. While enjoying these wines you can also have Traditional Czech Cuisine.

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 St. Clare’s Vineyard

St. Clare’s Vineyard (picture from

One of the most beautiful vineyards is located in Troja district as a part of the romantic Botanical gardens. It is very special because of the wine trail which gives you the opportunity to see a large proportion of grape varieties that are grown in the whole Czech Republic! You can also taste all sorts of local wine samples in this 800-year-old vineyard. We would like to recommend the local specialty that is called “Bile z Botanicke”, a white wine that will literally blow your mind!

 St. Wenceslas Vineyard

St. Wenceslas Vineyard (picture from

If you really like both wine and architectural miracles like Prague Castle and the Charles Bridge, you will be happily surprised that you can taste wine in a vineyard from the 10th century. It is located on the eastern hillsides of the Castle. It is also important to emphasize that you can fully plan a romantic day with your loved one by visiting a phenomenal restaurant in the lower parts of the vineyard. The vineyard only has two varieties of grapes, Riesling and Pinot Noir. For local Prague wine, St. Wenceslas Vinyard offers a truly great experience for any wine lover!

person pouring wine at a wine tasting in prague

 The Vineyard Gazebo

The Vineyard Gazebo (picture from

Apart from the great Czech wine that you can taste in the middle of this vineyard, there are many interesting things that make this a phenomenal place – fountains, lakes, statues, and a really cool garden cafe. Relax here and enjoy one of the most breathtaking views of Prague! If you are lucky enough to come here in September, you can help the locals collect the grapes, which is really a unique experience!

 Na Brehu Rhony

Na Brehu Rhony (picture from

Remember how we said that your fantasies about a romantic dinner and wine next to the River Vltava can become reality? Pay close attention because it is happening here, right now in a very nice winery called Na Brehu Rhony. It is a very popular place that has a magnificent offer of affordable wines that are mostly from South France. You can also rate their wine in order to give them feedback so it can be really fun if you are going as a group.


When a place like this has 12 sommeliers, you can bet that it offers top-quality wines for its visitors. Veltlin is so special because they tend to make and provide authentic wines, exclusively made without using pesticides and similar chemicals that could easily destroy the flavor. Many people recommended it but please be aware of the fact that the prices are a bit higher. However, the wine is phenomenal.

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 Red Pif

Red Pif Restaurant

We bumped into this great wine bar and restaurant without even knowing what to expect. And it is sometimes better like that! The phenomenal and classy modern look of this place combined with all sorts of great wine gave us the impression of an ideal location. If you want to eat something, your waiter will recommend the ideal wine that will go with your dish. These people surely know what they are doing. It is Out of this world!

 Prosekarna Myslikova

As the name of this wine bar says, this modern and stylish place mainly serves sparkling Italian Prosecco along with the other Italian specialties like sweets and coffee. But wait until you try the combination of great Italian wine with small snacks – what a way to enjoy this place! Highly recommendable for couples!

a variety of rose wine showing the best places to try wine in prague

 Vinograf Senovažne Namesti

Vinograf Senovažne Namesti Wine Bar

We heard that this place has more than 600 wines on their wine list and decided to visit it. It is the perfect place for wine lovers to visit. Even though it is really hard to choose which one you want to drink, the staff is really patient and will explain anything you want. The only flaw of this place is that you have to make a reservation for the table since it is always very busy and can be noisy sometimes. If you are looking for something new to try, this really is the top place for you!

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Bokovka Restaurant

You might have some problems with finding Bokovka wine bar, but when you do, you will love this place! When you add a friendly and cozy atmosphere and decent waiters to great wine, you get a great impression of Prague city. Even though it is only a wine bar, you can get a small plate with cheese, meat, and bread while wine tasting. If you would like to try something new, we discovered a phenomenal truffle cheese that goes with almost every wine we tried!


We heard about a wine bar and restaurant that got a Michelin star after a short period of their service and we were curious to see what they offered. The Field wine bar has left us speechless. The chef perfectly matched the food we ordered with wine and our only task was to enjoy! We will let you choose your tasting menus there.

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  1. I like Prague wine and i know its some cities which are best in wine-producing. A couple of years ago i go to the Wenceslas Vineyard. This era is really beautiful and looks lush green. Its grapes wine is very good. I never forget this city tour.

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