The Heineken Experience, Amsterdam

The Heineken Experience, Amsterdam

Amsterdam’s historic Heineken brewery became a visitor center with tours in 1991. The building was originally built in 1867 and was home to the famous Dutch pilsner, Heineken beer, for over 100 years. Due to the international growth and popularity of the beer, a modern and larger facility was built and opened in 1988 just outside of the city.  Tours of the facility were given when it was a fully functional brewing facility.

Row of beers showing the variety of Heineken beer at the Heineken brewery in Amsterdam

Originally known as the “Heineken Treat and Information Centre” in 1991, it quickly became one of Amsterdam’s most well-known attractions for tourists. In 2001, it changed its name to simply the “Heineken Experience”. By 2007 the company decided to temporarily close to undergo an extensive renovation procedure. The expansion and remodeling of four floors included refurbishing historical pieces, redesigning sampling areas, and incorporating high-tech multi-media technologies with numerous interactive exhibits. The idea of renovating the space was to educate people about the brewing process of pilsner beer and to bring the Heineken brand to life.

“We wanted to bring back the connection with beer-making, and the history of Heineken, to help people see it, touch it, taste it”, said Bob Rogers from the firm commissioned to the design of the renovations.

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The best of the Heineken brewery experience in Amsterdam

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International visitors have been flocking the original Heineken brewery building in Amsterdam’s city center. The self-guided tour is an extraordinary interactive voyage through the vibrant world of Heineken. Here you will learn about the history of the famous beer and company, see the four natural brewing ingredients used, and learn about the brewing process. Sample a beer in the tasting room and learn about some of Heineken’s partnerships and brands. At the end of your tour, you will enjoy two glasses of Heineken in the ‘Heineken Bar’.


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Heineken History

Gerard Heineken bought a piece of land back in 1873 and decided to build a brewery on it. That piece of land is now in the heart of Amsterdam’s city center. The brewery became the producer of one of Holland’s first “premium” lager beers. Over 140 years and four generations later, the Heineken brewery, has maintained its national symbol.

Beer glass showing a sample of the beer from the Heineken Tour Amsterdam

Heineken does things a little differently than most other breweries. They use four natural ingredients in their beer: hops, water, malted barley, and A-Yeast. They use horizontal tanks for fermenting instead of vertical ones. It also takes them 28 days to brew the superb golden beer. With 25 million Heineken beer served every day to 192 countries, they are definitely doing many things right.

Experience It Yourself!

People of any age can take a tour and enjoy the Heineken Experience, Amsterdam; however, only those 18 years of age and over are allowed to consume alcoholic beverages in Amsterdam.

Adult tickets €16

VIP tickets €49

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