Seafood and Poké Bowls – Klaw Restaurants In Dublin, Ireland

Seafood and Poké Bowls – Klaw Restaurants In Dublin, Ireland

As a seafood lover and now a fan of the popular Poké bowls, I was very happy to have found and to have lunch at Klaw Poké, a seafood restaurant in Dublin on Caple Street.

The open seating area and kitchen allow you to either sit at a table or at the long counters surrounding the kitchen area. You can see in the kitchen area from everywhere; however, sitting at the counters gives you an up-close and personal viewing of all the meals being prepared.

Salmon and mango poke bowl

The restaurant has several seafood options available. Fish soup, mackerel, sardines, prawns, lobster, crab mac n’ cheese, and a seafood tower just to name a few. They also have nachos and the popular Poké bowls.

They have predesigned four different types of bowls, the Yakatori Tofu, Octo Poké, Naua Kia, and Ahi Poké. You can also make your own bowl by choosing what you want from several items available. If you love oysters you will want to go there for Oyster Happy Hour.

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The oysters from Waterford, Galway Bay, Flaggy Shore, and Dooncastle are available either naked, dressed, or torched.

When I was there, I had the crab on toast as my starter followed by the Ahi Poké for my main. Both the dishes were delicious; however, it was too much food for me and I could not finish the bowl. I did manage to have some dessert, lime sorbet with prosecco. It was light and very refreshing after a delicious and filling meal.

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Street in Dublin and poke bowl showing an example of Klaw Seafood poke

Other Klaw restaurants

Klaw Poké is the second restaurant the owners have opened. The first seafood restaurant in Dublin they opened, Klaw, is a very small restaurant on the south side of the River Liffey (which is a great place to go rafting). It has most of the seafood options, but no Poké bowls. The restaurant only contains 12 seats, so if you want a table you may have to wait. (Pictured in the very first picture)

On September 10th, their third restaurant will be opening, Klaw The Café. The daytime café menu will focus on healthy fish foods and include Poké bowls. It will have a set menu for the evenings with a Mediterranean seafood style.

Tuna and sesame poke bowl showing some of the best seafood in Dublin

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