Remembering Amsterdam

Remembering Amsterdam

It has only been about a year and a half since I was in Amsterdam but it feels like it has been a long time ago. It is a great city that I love and will get back to again soon. The city has a bike to car ration of about 4 to 1 and thousands of bikes are pulled out of the canals every year.

With over 40 museums throughout the city, there is something for everyone to do on a cold or rainy day. Some of the top museums in the world can be found there; like the Van Gough, Stedelijk, and Rijksmuseum.

Amsterdam CanalsCanal House Boat

Amsterdam Canals

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This astonishing city has 165 canals, 1,281 bridges with 80 in the middle of the city center, and was built on 11,000,000 large wooden posts. The canals are rarely quiet with all types of boats traveling through them in the summer and people skating on them in the winter. Amsterdam also hosts the world’s only floating flower market.

Amsterdam is home to six markets. The oldest and largest being the Albert Cuypmarkt. It has been in existence since 1904 and offers over 300 stalls of every item you can imagine available for purchase.

My first stay was at Bed and Breakfast Amsterdam. It was a great place to stay just outside the touristy city center. A walk through a beautiful large park and I arrived in the heart of the city.

My second stay was at The Weavery. This bed and breakfast was originally a workshop and home to a family of Flemish silk weavers in the 1670’s when it was built.

Hotel Seven BridgesHotel Seven Bridges

Hotel Seven Bridges

My final stay was a 300-year-old authentic canal house, Seven Bridges Hotel. It is furnished with delicate and refined original antiques with Art Deco styles, Baroque, Biedermeier, Empire, Louis XV, and Louis XVI pieces.

The RijksmuseumOn The Canal

Canal Tour Boat

I don’t think I will make it back this year, but that’s ok. I would love to go in the spring when all the tulips are in bloom.

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