Rafting Down The River Liffey In Dublin, Ireland

Rafting Down The River Liffey In Dublin, Ireland
The morning rafting the River Liffey started with pushing off the small inlet where we got into the raft and paddling out about 20 feet. I then realize how calm and slow moving the river currently is.
As we waited for the second raft full of people to enter the river our guide wanted to know who has rafted before. I was the only one.

It was very beautiful and relaxing as we slowly paddled down the river heading to our first ‘fall’. Getting close our guide told us “we have to paddle hard then drop your paddles into the middle of the boat when I tell you, then everyone moves to the back of the raft. As soon as I say I will need everyone to quickly move to the front of the raft and hold onto the rope around the raft.”

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This was starting to make me a little nervous. Up to this point, I was fine. There had been no rapids yet, so how big could the drop be? The guide said it was about a 12-foot drop. As we approached the drop we did everything we were told to do and made it over with no problems. I then realized this was nothing like the rafting I had done on the Kicking Horse River in British Columbia, Canada.

The tranquility of the river, the wildlife we saw, the smells of wild garlic and fresh flowers that would catch you seeming out of nowhere all made the sunny day enjoyable. We were only about twenty minutes away from Dublin’s city center; however, it felt as if we were hundreds of miles away. Hearing some of the history of the area while seeing views not available from anywhere but on the water added to the 2.5-hour journey.

Back at the base, there are showers and facilities to use. They also have change rooms where you can store all your personal belongings.

Rafting the River Liffey was not like my previous rafting experiences. The four ‘falls’ or drops we went down throughout the trip, were drops in the weir, so they were not too big nor was any of the water rough. Rafting in Dublin is a great way for someone who has never been rafting before to try it and see if they like it. It would also be great for some younger children and people who want a relaxing couple of hours on the river. If rafting is not your thing, read about Things To Do In Dublin here.

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