Prague – One Of My Favorite Cities.

Prague Castle

I know how busy some destinations get with summer travelers. A lot of people don’t have many options as to when they are able to travel due to their kid’s school and extra circular activities. I spent a week in Prague in mid-June hoping to beat the peak summer rush of the holidays. It may not have been peak season, but it was substantially busier in June than it was in November last year when I was there for the first time. I can only imagine how busy the city gets in July and August. If you can, travel slightly offseason. The weather is still good in May, June, September, and October and there are not nearly as many tourists.

There are so many things to do and see in Prague – walking tours, food tours, eating tours, bike tours, the history of the city, the architecture, visiting the castle, the Charles Bridge, cruises on the river, the museums – the list can be endless. There are some key places that are not to be missed while you are there; Old Town, New Town, Prague Castle, and Petrín Hill. I spent most of my week in these areas and I still have more to see and learn about them.


There are many tours that you can take, and I highly recommend you take at least one. Whether it be just to get some information about the different areas, to find out interesting information about the history of Prague, to eat some great food, or drink some beer and/or wine. I went on six tours the week I was there. A historical tour through Prague Castle, a tour through Old Town Hall and Tower, the Jazz Boat Cruise,  the Prague Foodies Tour, the Eating Prague Tour,  and the Beer and Tapas Tour; yes I ate a lot while I was there and I enjoyed every bit of it. I will write about each specific tour in other posts later.


I had the pleasure of staying at a few different hotels while I was there and can make some great recommendations.

 If you want to stay in New Town, about a 20-minute walk to the Old Town Square and you want apartment-style accommodation, then you won’t be disappointed with Hotel Suite Home.


They are large and spacious. My apartment had four separate rooms – kitchen, bathroom, living room, and bedroom.


Arcadia Residences – Now Closed

If you like to be at the heart of everything and a two-minute walk to Old Town Square, then you definitely would like to stay at The Arcadia Residences.

If space is what you are looking for, you will be pleased with the attic loft apartment. It has a king-size bed, large kitchen, great outdoor patio area, fireplace, and oversized bathroom with a large bathtub. Breakfast is brought to your room for you and set up on the large kitchen table. ****Up Date – This Hotel is now CLOSED


Hotel Klarov

Another hotel in a perfect location is Hotel Klárov. Situated just below the Prague Castle, it not only gives you amazing views of the castle – day and night – it is also within minutes of walking to some of the most romantic streets and gardens in Prague.

You can also easily walk to Prague Castle, the Jewish Quarter, Old Town, and the Charles Bridge within ten minutes. Each room in the hotel is dedicated to a famous musician or band that has performed a concert in Prague within the last twenty years.


No matter what you do in Prague, you will enjoy your time there…… and probably feel like it just wasn’t enough time for you to see everything in this amazing city. So if you’re like me, you will return again (and again and again – each visit longer than the last one)…… So many things to do, with little time to do them all.

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