Prague Brewery Tour – A Self-Guide to Sample The Best Czech Beers


When people are trying to find the ideal place to go on a vacation, they usually look for a city that fits their way of life in the best possible way. Optimal temperature, lots of interesting things to see, cheap prices, and a picturesque environment with rich architecture. Some will also go for traditional Czech food, local wine, and waterfalls of Czech beer. Yes, you guessed it right – we are talking about a rare combination that fits everybody and that can only be seen in the city of Prague, your ideal destination! But let’s just put aside all the beautiful things in Prague like the Astronomical Clock, and just focus on something that you can only experience by entering one of the Prague’s finest breweries.

The second you start drinking Prague beer, you will feel how the rich beer flavor covers all nine thousand taste buds of your tongue and carves a unique and eternal memory of this historical city in your brain. Not only will you be drinking beer in Prague, but you can also go to a beer spa Prague. Use the list below to go on your own Prague Brewery tour.

a selection of beers from the prague brewery tour

Prague Beer Tour

Prague Castle area

Many people think Pilsner beer is the best Czech beer, but there are several craft beers available.  One would think that is easy to find a brewery that will lift you to the kind of euphoria that we have just described, but the reality is it’s not that easy. You have to know where these places are or search the city to find the perfect combination of the finest Prague beer and that old, classy atmosphere Prague is globally known for. You can spend money going on a Prague beer tour or a Prague brewery tour. However, to save you time on finding the best places for Prague beer, here a list of perfect breweries in Prague that offer not only ideal beer but also a unique brewing process tour. “Na zdravi!” (Cheers!)

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BeerGeek Bar & Pivoteka

BeerGeek – Czech Beer

One of the most innovative breweries in Prague is a small factory. Everything that you can see made by the owners or their friends, from the menus to unique beers. That really sounds incredible when you realize that they have more than 500 bottle beers in their place and 32 beers on tap!  They connect approximately 5 to 10 new craft beers every day and some of those you can’t find anywhere else. Surely it can’t get better for beer lovers. They have two locations one at Slavíkova 10 and Vinohradská 62, both are in Praha 3.

The Strahov Monastery Brewery

The Strahov Monastery Brewery – Photo by Beer Drinker With A Triathlon Problem

If you are looking to go to a more historic place to drink Czech beer, then you should go to The Strahov Monastery Brewery. This brewery was founded as a part of the monastery near Prague Castle in 1142. In the summer months, you can enjoy drinking beer outside this Prague brewery surround by cobblestone streets and buildings from the medieval period.  They serve various beers like IPA, special lager, and amber. Some beers are available year-round, others are seasonal. While you are there you can also check out the brewing process. They are located at Strahovské nádvoří 301 in Praha 1.

beer barrels showing the beer brewing process

Brevnov Monastery Brewery

Brevnov Monastery Brewery

Not very far away from the Strahov Monastery Brewery, there’s another specific brewery that offers some of the tastiest beers in Prague. This wonderful monastery with amazingly kept gardens and a lake perfectly matches the brewery’s rustic atmosphere. They have spacious areas with lots of seating options, both inside and outside on the beautiful terrace. Just imagine relaxing and drinking beer in a 10th-century monastery with your friends. Brevnov Monastery Brewery is located at Markétská 28/1 in Praha 6.

U Fleků Bar and Restaurant

U Fleků Brewery and Restaurant

The building of U Fleků bar and restaurant was built prior to 1499. It is the only brewery in Central Europe that has been continuously making beer for 500 years! The U Fleků dark lager is brewed using purely natural ingredients and is only available in their restaurant. This huge brewery consists of a garden and 8 halls that are just fantastic. With average sales of 2000 glasses per day, you know they are making great beer. The unique furniture and stylish decoration are really something you just can’t miss during your stay. A cabaret show, brewery tour, and museum are all available for viewing. They will be celebrating 525 years in business in 2019. U Fleků is located at Křemencova 11 in Praha 1.

U Medvídků Mini-Brewery

The Mini-Brewery at U Medvídků

U Medvídků is a hotel, restaurant, and mini-brewery. It is very popular among tourists because it makes and sells one of the strongest beers in the world called X – Beer! This beer has a natural malt taste with a pleasant bitter after-effect. The brewery also offers beer ice cream to their customers. You can go on a free brewing process tour. However, the best thing about this place is that you can brew your own beer with the help of the brewery’s experienced staff. That is something that you can’t experience in other breweries in Prague. U Medvídků is located at Na Perštýně 7 in Praha 1.

Pivovarský dům

Pivovarský dům

This microbrewery may not be as big as the other ones listed here, but it definitely has a brilliant beer offering. Eight different kinds of Czech beer including a classic light, dark Czech lager and interesting brews like sour cherry, banana, coffee, and nettle. These unique flavors attract an enormous number of tourists every day and it should be a good reason for you to visit. This brewery is a favorite one in Prague. If you are unsure about some of the flavors it allows you to taste samples of beer if you are not sure if you will like them or not. Pivovarský dům is located at Ječná/Lípová 15 in Praha 2.

U tri ruži

U tri ruži

An old brewery with a perfect location in Old Town is quite an interesting one for several reasons. First, they have cheap Czech beer prices, probably one of the cheapest in the entire Prague. Secondly, their food and service are phenomenal. I can’t remember if we ever met such nice staff. Thirdly, they have a ten-hectoliter brewhouse on the ground floor, which really gives a nice atmosphere. If you decide to go there, try Dark Rose Beer and Smoked Amber – these two Czech beers are excellent. It is located at Husova 10/232, in Staré Město.

beer glasses and a view of prague showing the best breweries


Roesel Craft Beer and Cake

You can’t go to Prague and not cross the famous Charles Bridge. So, you need to stop by and visit the brewery called Roesel and try their Czech beer. It is located in Mala Strana and it is a bit hard to find. However, when you find it, you will be more than satisfied with everything they offer! Roesel has a nice and intimate atmosphere with phenomenal craft beer that will make you want to go back for more. Additionally, they offer delicious cakes and coffee. Roesel is located at Mostecká 20, in Malá Strana.

Not only will you enjoy Prague beer, but you can also enjoy traditional Czech cuisine. If beer is not your thing, don’t worry, there are several Prague wines that you can try as well. Prague is full of things to enjoy and try. Did you know there are also a lot of movies filmed in Prague?  Looking for Prague Hotels? One of my favorite places to stay in Prague is the Klarov Hotel.  Na zdravi!

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