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Rarely are our flight times lined up perfectly with our check-in and check-out times. You are then left dragging your luggage around the city. I have seen this a lot. With the increase of Airbnb rentals and home exchanges, people cannot leave their bags at their accommodations.

They must wait to check in and they have to bring their suitcases with them because there is no luggage room or baggage drop for them to use where they are staying.

In Barcelona, Spain I see people at the beach with their suitcases and luggage. I’ve seen people pulling their luggage through boutique stores in Paris, France, and across excellent restaurants trying to fit them beside their tables in Florence, Italy.

Finding Luggage Storage

Some people are aware that there are storage facilities, and some people are unaware that they could have left luggage in a luggage locker. Some are willing to spend a lot of money to store their bags, and some are not. The most popular Google searches are:

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The problem with some of these searches is sometimes it is only a storage locker. These storage lockers may be fine for carry-on luggage but are too small for your check-in luggage.

Additionally, the luggage locker facility may be full, and you may not be able to use the baggage storage, and you don’t know until you get there. It can be more frustrating when the luggage storage facility is not that close to you.

Now you have wasted time pulling your luggage there and you need to find somewhere else.

Airport Luggage Storage

You can find airport storage and airport lockers, but then you must return to the airport to get your belongings. This can make become very expensive with taxis and time-consuming with buses and shuttles.

The only time these are worth using is if you have a long layover. Instead of having to bring your luggage with you, you can leave it at the airport in a hold baggage location.

Now you can go into the city to do whatever you want and return to the airport for your connecting flight. You then don’t have to bring any airport luggage with you.

Train Station Suitcase Storage

Train station storage is similar to airport luggage storage. Some will have baggage locations and will have a security locker for you to use, but not all of them.

Some stations will have a luggage depot or luggage service for you to leave your suitcase. These are better than the airport luggage storage as the train stations are in the city center. However, you must go out of your way to return to the station to get your suitcases.

The Luggage Hero Solution

Luggage Hero has several luggage drop-off spots throughout the cities they operate. Their locations are not a locker in the city.

The locations they use include hotel luggage storage, hostels, cafes, shops, and more. Currently, they have over 1100 locations for luggage storage service in over 35 cities around the world. They are expanding every day, offering more locations in more cities.

How Luggage Hero Works

Using Luggage Hero is straightforward. When you arrive in the city or when you need to leave your accommodations, connect to Luggage Hero. The map will show you all the locations that are near you, or in the area you want. Book online and get directions to the location.

You can cancel with no charge if you change your mind. When you arrive on-site, you will get a tag for your luggage (which provides you with $3,000/€2.500/£2.200 insurance for your belongings). You then start the time on your account using your phone. When you go back, you stop the timer on your phone. The total charge is automatically made to the credit card you registered on your account. The cost is 2€ for a one-time handling fee plus 1€ per hour. The maximum you will be charged is 8€.

My Experience with Luggage Hero

I used Luggage Hero on a recent trip to Florence, Italy. I arrived late in the morning and couldn’t check into my Airbnb for a few hours. I logged into Luggage Hero and found a place that was close to the train station and on the way to my accommodations.

Immediately, I received directions on my phone when I booked it. When I arrived, I was politely greeted and given the tag for my bag. I was told to take a picture of the tag on the suitcase and to start the timer. The gentleman also gave me a map of the area, including an excellent recommendation for a pizza place.

When I returned, I was reminded to stop the timer, and I received my bag. Luggage Hero was straightforward to use, and I liked that there was a person there to talk with. I will always use Luggage Hero when I need luggage storage service.

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