Learning To Sail In Barcelona, Spain

Learning To Sail In Barcelona Spain

As the winds shifted it was time to raise the sails to propel the boat towards the open sea.

Within a few seconds, we raised the mainsail and we were off. The sailboat leaned starboard (to the right side) so much that it appeared I was now standing straight up.

However, seconds before I was standing on deck and leaning backward resting on the top part of the boat.

Sailing in Barcelona is a great way to spend an afternoon out on the water.

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The Group

We were a group of 9 plus the captain that went out for a three-hour learn to sail trip in Barcelona, Spain.

The weather was good for sailing. We had some sun, wind, clouds, and no rain. Lucky for us because there has been a lot of rain this year.

All the guests on the boat have had different experiences on various boats, but it was the first time any of us were participating in sailing a boat.

The Three-Hour Tour

After a brief safety orientation, it was time to get hands-on including getting the boat out of the slip, the marina, and into to open sea.

Throughout the three hours, we moved the jib (the smaller, triangular sail in the front of the boat) from right to left several times.

This sail adds additional power for the mainsail. We also raised and dropped the mainsail a couple of times.

Swimming was optional for everyone.

As it was not a hot day, and the weather in Barcelona has been under seasonal temperatures, I knew the water was going to be cold.

I chose to stay on the boat with one other and the captain while the others went for a brief swim.

I hate cold water, so I don’t feel bad at all for not going in.

Learning To Sail In Barcelona, Spain – Conclusion

Learning to sail in Barcelona was a nice way to spend a few hours trying something new in Spain.

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My Favorites In Barcelona

Want to check out some other things to do in Barcelona. Here are a few of my favorites.

  • One of my favorite places to have a drink is Paradiso.
  • The Stunning Palau de la Musica. You need to see a show in this stunning masterpiece of a building.

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