Get Pampered in Heaven Like a Celebrity at LADE Spa in Costa Rica

Get Pampered in Heaven Like a Celebrity at LADE Spa in Costa Rica

There are several things you can do on your Costa Rica Vacations. However, nothing is like going to the spas in Costa Rica.

I have never been so relaxed in my life. I have found a small piece of heaven and I don’t want to leave.

The sounds of the birds chirping, the faint howls in far distant from the howler monkeys, and the slight rustling sound of some wild animal in the bushes below.

Which was probably an iguana, just add to the amazing ambiance of the Los Altos de Eros Spa in Costa Rica, 20-minutes outside of Tamarindo.

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Perched high up a mountain, on a 27-acre estate the views from the open-air sitting room with jetted Jacuzzi are astonishing.

Lush green trees, rolling hills, clear blue sky, and the slight sparkle of the sun glistening off the ocean in the distance is almost beyond belief.

Someone pinch me. Am I in heaven?

Los Altos de Eros Spa offers a wide range of revitalizing treatments performed by highly qualified massage therapists. I chose my three treatments for the day; a massage, facial, and body scrub.

While relaxing on the lounge chairs in the sitting area I am served the option of freshwater infused with cucumber or tea of my choice. I already start to feel my stress from daily life fade away at this Costa Rica spa retreat.

LADE spa costa rica pool _

Entering one of five treatment rooms, the views were just as stunning. The room has one open wall to the incredible tropical forest and ocean in the distance. This allowed for a perfect light breeze to drift through the room with light fresh air.

The 60-minute massage was just what I needed for my sore, tired, and tight muscles. Shortly after my massage I received an Oatmeal Honey Scrub, followed up by a 45-minute facial that included a scalp and foot massage.

LADE spa costa rica services _

Upon completion of all three treatments lunch is served in the lounge area. It is the most magnificent lunch at a spa I have ever had. After checking in, I spoke with the culinary school-trained Chefs to discuss the cuisine available as well as my likes, dislikes, and any food allergies.

The fruits and vegetables are organic, the tenderloin is grass-fed, and the chicken is free-range. Their seafood is brought directly from the dock packed in shaved ice. Freshly made ceviche, green salad, pasta salad, vegetable skewers, fish and chicken kabobs, and Pico de Gallo were all spread out across a table for me to help myself to.

LADE spa costa rica menu

Along with the marvelous lunch, red and white wine is served. The most decadent dessert is served after lunch, a Gorgonzola sorbet. After lunch, it is time to change out of your housecoat and slippers, provided by the spa, and walk up the stairs to the boutique hotel for your driver to take you back home or to your hotel if you are not staying onsite.

LADE spa costa rica drinks_

No trip to the Tamarindo area of Costa Rica is complete unless you spend a day relaxing and being pampered at the Los Altos de Eros Spa. Their reputation keeps them very busy with vacationers, celebrities, and expats; so you want to book as far in advance as possible.

Enjoy a little piece of heaven on your vacation and be treated like a celebrity. You never know, one might be sitting on the lounge chair next to you.

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