Breeze Inn Como, Italy – A restaurant with a new menu every month

Breeze Inn Restaurant

Housed in the walls of the ancient medieval buildings of Como, Italy is the charming and eco-conscious Breeze Inn restaurant. The boutique restaurant contains about 30 seats with its comfortable atmosphere conveniently located in the heart of Como’s city center. The outstanding seasonal dishes and seafood specialties can be enjoyed on the main floor or the mezzanine level.

handmade gnocchi showing an example of the food at breeze inn

A “Kitchen In Progress”

The “kitchen in progress” is like a constant journey that has no planned destination. Devised several decades ago, the desire and enjoyment presented by the staff and dishes are apparent. As the cycles of the season on earth change, so does the menu. The personal expression delivered from the taste of dishes is something that will be remembered long after leaving Breeze Inn restaurant.

The cozy loft-style restaurant is marked with distinctive features leaving you with a homey feeling. The old fireplace and exposed wood beams are incredible. The enormous arch windows with brick trim allow you to view the ancient building across the cobblestone street. The wall decoration of wine bottles and boxes adds to the stylish atmosphere of the restaurant.

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Breeze Inn Restaurant
Breeze Inn Restaurant

The Menu

Tradition combined with innovation creates the concept of the Breeze Inn menu. Mediterranean taste, traditional roots, and a dash of international zest bring the “kitchen in progress” term to life. However, the restaurant has been around for more than thirty years. Every month a new menu is designed using products of the season, or more accurately ingredients of the month. You won’t see berries in December. Designing 12 menus a year takes a lot of time and creativity. They are known to review over 110 recipes a year.

seaside in Italy showing the best restaurant views

For this reason, the monthly menu usually contains three or four appetizers, firsts, mains, and desserts. The menu also includes the most popular dish from the previous month. With respect to small producers, and to help protect the environment, they design one additional plate which all the ingredients eco farmed and harvested through fair trade.

The Dishes I Ate

My dinner at the restaurant consisted of three exceptional dishes with wine pairing. Every table is also given a board with a mixture of fresh bread.

To start, I had the “Brandacujun” stockfish Ragno quality with creamy potatoes Yolanda, Taggiasche olives oil, and toasted bread with garlic.

Breeze Inn Restaurant

My first dish was the Gnocco filled with local Stracchino cheese on a cream of purple carrots, and sous vide Canadian lobster.

Breeze Inn Restaurant

My main was Beccafico sardine on marsala couscous, and orange with an eggplant rolled in breadcrumbs and Bronte pistachios

Breeze Inn Restaurant

Dessert was a delicious Tiramisu

Breeze Inn Restaurant

Breeze Inn Inspiration

People and various cultures from around the world especially New Zealand, Seychelles, Romania, and Crete have inspired Breeze Inn. Their unique experiences have given them the desire to share tastes, flavors, and visions. They have accomplished their goal to combine something new with something traditional resulting in new dishes that don’t exist.

Breeze Inn Restaurant
Breeze Inn Restaurant

A Como Dining Must

The Breeze Inn is an exceptional restaurant.  From the stylish yet straightforward décor to the mouth-water dishes and excellent wine selection, you will not be disappointed. It is my favorite restaurant in Como and one of my favorites I have ever had the pleasure to dine.

pasta showing an example of the food at Breeze Inn

While in Como, I recommend staying at the Hotel Metropole Suisse. It is Como’s lakefront hotel. 

Additional Information

Breeze Inn

via Natta 29, Como

Monday to Saturday 19:30 – 23:30

+39 031242320

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  1. ash green says:

    It was really insightful.
    Thanks for such nice content.

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Yes, it is nice a person could keep going back and always have new dishes that are made with the freshest ingredients available.

  2. Those look appetizing. How much did it cost you to order all of those food because I’m curious since it looks luxurious.

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Most of the dishes range from 20 – 30 Euro each.

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Unfortunately the pictures did not turnout as good as I wished they did as the lighting in the restaurant wasn’t ideal for photography. The food was amazing.

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