A Relaxing and Invigorating Experience – A Thai Massage in Basel

Thai Massage Studio

I immediately knew I was in the right place. Looking through the glass doors I could see the large Buda surrounded by bamboo and green plants. The wood pathway that disappeared behind a light tan and white colored screen was outlined by white rocks that you would normally see outside. I was looking forward to getting out of the cool rainy weather and getting into this warm outdoor looking and feeling environment, yet it was inside.

Upon entering the relaxing atmosphere, I was greeted by Su, the owner of ThanTawan Thai Massage studio in Basel, Switzerland. She brought me some hot green tea as I warmed up and we talked about the massage studio. Over the past 11 years, she has put her heart, soul, and hands into her business. From spending hours giving Thai Massages, she has also designed and created the ThanTawan space. Personally, decorating and redecorating throughout the years. This summer’s project is to transform one of the two double treatment rooms into a garden oasis.

“Every March, every spring, I feel like I need to change something here, and I do almost all the work myself. Except for the heaving lifting,” she told me. She did tell me her age and I’m not going to share it. However, I can say, I never would have guessed it.


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The Thai Massage Studio

Thai Massage Spa

ThanTawan is about a 10-minute walk from Basel Central Station or a 5-minute drive from Hotel Euler (A fantastic hotel I stayed in. The tropical Thai décor has an immediate peaceful and calming energy to the studio. Throughout, the rooms are decorated with neutral tan tones, white towels, and bedding, with a splash of color. The dim light and flower arrangements bring a relaxing ambiance to each room.

The massage spa contains two couples’ rooms and two single rooms. The enormous couples’ rooms have two large massage beds with substantial space around each of them. They also have two high-back wicker chairs with cushions and a small table area to relax at. Blending into the neutral décor, you have a coat and clothes hanger in the corner.   One of these rooms will be transformed into a garden oasis this summer. Couples can then experience the Zen room or the Garden Room.

The two oversized singles rooms have the same décor and color palette as the couples’ massage rooms. However, one has a traditional Thai massage bed and one regular massage table for guests who prefer a standard massage.

The Asian massage studio also has one bathroom with a shower for guest who wants to wash the oils off after the massage. There are also two additional bathrooms available for use.


Thai Massage Therapy

Foot Massage

During a traditional Thai Massage, you are stretched, pulled, and rocked by your Thai massage therapist. They will use every part of their body in order to do this, including their thumbs, elbows, and knees. Many people believe there are several Thai massage benefits. They include boosting energy, lowering stress, and improving athletic performance. The traditional Thai massage treatment is done over the clothing. However, many places have combined the traditional pulling and stretching with the traditional massage in western countries, using oils on the skin for an oil massage. There are several different types of massage including Swedish massage, Shiatsu massage, sports massage, Ayurvedic massage, and pregnancy massage, just to name a few; so finding the best massage for you is important.

The Thai massage I received was a full body massage and foot massage. It was relaxing and invigorating at the same time. I enjoyed having the warm heated blanket under me as I was massaged with oils listening to the relaxing music being played. Throughout the massage, I was asked many times about the pressure being used as I was massaged and stretched. It was perfect for me. I enjoy a deep tissue massage. I have hard to get out knots along my shoulder blades so when I get a massage, it feels great when strong elbow pressure is used. Don’t worry if you don’t like that much pressure, as I said, I was asked several times and it was great for me. When you go to Basel Switzerland make sure you go to ThanTawan Massage center.

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  1. There are great health benefits of massage that you have shared here. I am really glad to read this post that was pretty helpful for me. Thanks for this nice content.A good massage is a complete solution to backaches, knee pain, stress and other health disorders that are left ignored until they turn to become unbearable.

  2. Hi Sally, reading this blog I can imagine the experience you had. Body massage has a lot of benefits. Do you think human massage and chair massage are same? I would like to buy a massage chair.

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Hi Frank, in my opinion, massage chairs are ok. However, they are nothing like getting a massage from a human. Chairs can only move in certain ways and they can not get into smaller or specific problem areas that a person may have. I would get a massage from a person over a chair every day.

  3. Thai massages are the best! In LOVE the idea of an oil massage after the Thai massage ! Thankyou for sharing! ?

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      This one way a combination of a Thai massage with traditional oil massage.

  4. I love Thai Massage! Its definitely the lazy person’s yoga and more!
    I always feel like a superman after a Thai Massage.
    I feel that it is the cheapest way to get a massage and stretched out at the same time.

  5. These massages are so good for body health. They remove body stress and pain. They are completely different to massage in the massage chair.

  6. Thanks for sharing your experience. i really like your points related to massage

  7. ohhh that foot photo makes me squirm! I hate having my feet touched! The rest looks LOVELY though and I guess they’d skip the foot bit if I asked nicely?

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      I love a good foot massage. However, since you don’t and you let them know, your feet will not be touched.

  8. Sandy Cadiz-Smith says:

    I love having Thai massages when I am in Thailand – though sometimes they do hurt, I always feel better afterwards.

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      Yes, sometimes we have to feel a little uncomfortable, or painful, in order to feel better.

  9. This sounds perfect for me. I really love places that offer this combination between Western oil-on-skin massages, including the deep tissue work, and traditional Thai techniques of pulling, stretching and applying pressure via elbows and feet! Good to know of this place in Basel.

    1. Sally Pederson says:

      I think it is the best combination of massages possible.

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