6 Best Restaurants In Florence Italy

Between May and June, I spent three weeks in Florence, Italy. I have now been there five times over the past few years, so know the city fairly well.

However, one thing is for sure, Florence restaurants are always changing. When looking for the top Italian restaurants along with the best food in Florence, it can be a challenge due to the numbe

r of places to eat in the city. There are many restaurants that are good, some just ok, and others I wonder how they are open because they are ….. bad.

It happens in every city and Florence is, unfortunately, no different.

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view of florence showing the best places to eat in florence

Best Places To Eat In Florence Italy

Picking the best places to eat in Florence is hard. Florence food or Italian food, in general, is my favorite. I know what it’s like to go to a restaurant and be completely disappointed with the food and service.

So, if you are planning a Florence for foodies trip, dream vacation, or returning to the wonderful city you just can’t get enough of (oh’ I think that’s me), these six restaurants need to be on your ‘where to eat in Florence’ list.

Beetroot gazpacho
La Leggenda dei Frati

The Legend of The Friars restaurant is an astonishing restaurant. The terrace offers the best view of Florence. It (along with Truffle Restaurant below) are the two places I have had the best lunch in Florence in all of my trips to the city.

La Leggenda, in my opinion, is also one of the most romantic restaurants in Florence. If you can only go to one of the Michelin Star restaurants in Florence, Italy then this one is essential.

Cream Sou[

We had the 9-course tasting menu at the chic restaurant that was once a stable in the ancient residence with picturesque gardens and the best views of Florence. It is located next to The Bardini Villa and Garden. Within the garden, some of its premium herbs and vegetables are growing amongst the fruit trees and fountains. Thus, giving the freshest and finest ingredients to their creations. Some of our lunch favorites were:

Ombre fish with squid and radish
  • Beetroot gazpacho served with vegan mayo, mustard seeds, citrus oil, and pear
  • Beef tartar with mayonnaise, buckwheat, and egg yolk
  • Handmade macaroni with red sauce, onion, and ricotta cheese
  • Ombre fish with squid and radish
  • Peas cream, dill crumble, apple, and foam dessert
Peas cream, dill crumble, apple and foam dessert

The plates are like pieces of art, each dish impeccably perfect. With top-quality ingredients, the dishes range from melt in your mouth to bursting with flavor. More about La Leggenda dei Frati, The Legend of The Friars, and the history of the restaurant will be coming soon. Visit their website here.

charcuterie board showing the best food in florence italy
Savini Tartufi Firenze

Truffle Restaurant is one of the top restaurants in Florence, Italy. Since the early 1920s, the Savini family has been involved with truffles in Tuscany. Now the fourth generation is part of the gathering, creating, and distribution of products, and delicious dishes in the restaurant. Their creations with the truffles are a work of art.

They have created over eighty truffle products which are exported to over forty countries. La Salsa del Tartufaio (Truffle Sauce), il Miele al Tartufo Bianco (White Truffle Honey), and le Peschiole al Tartufo (Truffled Baby Green Peaches) are a few of their favorites. Production of La Salsa del Tartufaio began in the 70s; il Miele al Tartufo Bianco in the 80s is thanks to Luciano Savini’s intuition, and le Peschiole al Tartufo in 2000 and are absolutely amazing. I will be buying them every time I go to Florence.

Beef Tartare

Our flawless Lunch in Florence at Truffle Restaurant was one of my favorites. It along with lunch at La Leggenda are two places for the absolute best lunch in Florence. We had several of their impeccable dishes including:

Tagliolini with Parmigiano cheese and fresh truffle
  • Beef Tartare with truffle mustard
  • Poached egg with yellow pumpkin, truffle, and Parmigiano cheese
  • Tagliolini with Parmigiano cheese and fresh truffle
  • Tuscan beef fillet with fresh truffle
  • Chocolate with rum and truffle for dessert

Not only will you enjoy an amazing lunch or dinner experience at the restaurant, but the Savini family also offers a luxury truffle experience. During this unforgettable day, you will hunt for truffles in the forest near Pisa, Italy. You will visit the Savini Museum, the truffle shop, and enjoy some delicious snacks. Then enjoy eating the truffles in a beautiful tasting dinner at the Truffle Restaurant in Florence.

Chocolate with rum and truffle for dessert

More about the Savini products, Savini Truffle Experience, and Savini Museum coming soon. Visit their website here.

Buca Lapi

Is one of the restaurants near Duomo Florence that I highly recommend going to for dinner. It is known as one of the oldest restaurants in Florence, dating back to 1880 in the cellars of Palazzo Antinori.

Gnocchi with pesto sauce

All the dishes we had here were excellent. However, I have to say in my opinion and my friend’s opinion who had dinner with me, they have the best bistecca in Florence Italy. It is perfectly cooked over charcoal, served warm and tender. It is an absolutely flawless steak.


We indulged in the following Tuscan cuisine:

  • Tuscan beans with tuna
  • Bruschetta
  • Cannelloni “Buca Lapi”
  • Gnocchi with pesto sauce
  • Steak
  • Chocolate cake for dessert
Tuscan beans with tuna

More about Buca Lapi will be coming soon. Visit their website here.

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outdoor restaurant patio in florence italy
Italian Bistro Caffè dell’Oro

Caffè dell’Oro is another one of the best restaurants in Florence Italy. The casual bistro with a vintage atmosphere is very relaxing with comfortable plush chairs. As it is one of the restaurants near Ponte Vecchio it offers lovely views of the Arno River banks and Ponte Vecchio if you are next to the oversized windows.

Here you can enjoy a wonderful breakfast, light lunch or afternoon tea, or an exquisite gourmet dinner. The restaurant offers some of the best Italian and Tuscan cuisine in Florence. Ingredients for the seasonal dishes are from organic producers throughout Italy. The restaurant also offers featured organic produce in their Farm to Table section on their menu. A wonderful example is the asparagus, parmesan, and balsamic vinegar.

Tortellini with meat sauce

Our dinner in Florence at Caffè dell’Oro included:

  • Tortellini with meat sauce, oil with thyme,
  • Creamed rice with fresh goat cheese, candied lemon, and caper powder
  • Amberjack, clams, olives, and peas.
  • Beef sirloin, zolfino bean, and black pepper base
Amberjack, clams, olives, and peas

The Caffè dell’Oro is the ideal atmosphere for a variety of events. From a business lunch or birthday celebration to afternoon tea with friends or a cocktail party.  The delicious seasonal menu along with the extensive menu with wines and aperitifs will make you want to return to try a variety of dishes and drinks.

Beef sirloin, zolfino bean, and black pepper base

More about Caffè dell’Oro and chef, Alessio Mori, will be coming soon.  Visit their website here.


Taverna del Bronzino

I was here for Dinner in Florence. Taverna del Bronzino is another one of my recommended places to eat in Florence Italy especially if you want to eat in a Palace built in 1580. For over 35 years, La Taverna del Bronzino has been providing guests in Florence with delicious dishes with some of the best products of the region.  They use the ‘slow-food’ approach to traditional Tuscan cuisine with some modern twists. Here we enjoyed the following dishes:

Cappellacci with ricotta and spinach with cedar sauce
  • Bronzino carriage mozzarella and red pepper cream
  • Selection of cured meats with toasted liver and Tuscan peppercorn
  • Cappellacci with ricotta and spinach with cedar sauce
  • Old-style fillet of beef tenderloin

The Taverna del Bronzino is located in a palace that was built around 1580 by painter Santi di Tito. Countless pieces of artwork and poetry were created within the walls of the palace by Santi di Tito, Agnolo Bronzino, Baccio Bandinelli, and many more.


The warm and welcoming staff will make you feel at home immediately. With wonderful food recommendations, you can’t go wrong. The menu changes regularly, just like the seasons, so you know you are getting the best local products from small businesses in your dishes. We enjoyed the delicious dishes prepared for us along with the great wine selection. I would definitely return for dinner again.

The restaurant also has a wine cellar; however, it is not available for full meals. You can have wine tastings or aperitifs in it. More about Taverna Del Bronzino Firenze will be coming soon. Visit their website here.

Locale Firenze
Locale Firenze

Locale Florence restaurant is not only one of several restaurants near Duomo Florence, but it is also one of the best restaurants in Florence. The restaurant is located in the historic aristocratic quartier of the city. The Concini Palace was built in the 1200s with major expansions and renovations done in the 1500s. I had dinner here on a previous trip. Read more about Locale Restaurant Here.

If you are looking to get out of the city and want to visit restaurants near Florence, then you should go to Mulino A Vento. It is an excellent Tuscany restaurant with stunning vineyard views.

A Fabulous Food Tour

If you are on a seven-day trip to Florence, you can and should go to every restaurant mentioned here. Eating at these top restaurants in Florence will make your trip to Florence more memorable. There is no reason to go to good restaurants in Florence when you now know the best places in Florence One thing is for sure, Amo il cibo ed il vino italiano e adoro questi ristoranti fiorentini.

Get your Michelin Star Florence guide here.

               Find your best place to stay in Florence and start planning the food tour.

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